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Starting your own tree care company? Not without these pieces of equipment.

Starting your own tree care company? Not without these pieces of equipment.

The “Starting Your Own Tree Care Service Company” blog is consistently our most-read blog post, and we created an entire campaign (Vermeer: From Those Who Know) around tree care contractors who own their own businesses. Obviously, a lot of our fans are interested in starting their own tree care company, and we know a lot of questions come along with that. One of the most frequent questions we hear from individuals looking to break into the tree care market is, “What equipment do I absolutely need to get me started?” Here are the minimum equipment purchases you should probably make before starting your own tree service company.


  1. What’s a tree service company without a chainsaw? While we’re not experts in manufacturing chainsaws, we can appreciate the importance of selecting the right tool for all those jobs you’ll be tackling. Find a manufacturer you trust and talk to their experts about the goals you have for your company and what chainsaw model will help you meet them.

  2. A sturdy, versatile brush chipper. People often say a brush chipper is the lynchpin of their fleet. Erick Zupko, owner of Treeway Tree Care, recommends the BC1000XL, saying, “I fell in love with it. The VermeerBC1000XL blew the doors off the other brand I had been using.” Read our blog on selecting the right brush chipper for your business here.
  3. A rugged stump cutter to separate you from the pack. We’ve already explored how adding a stump cutter to your fleet can help a tree care company grow, but why not have one starting out? Bud Clark, owner of Canopy Tree Specialists, swears by the SC60TX, saying “it allows you to finish whatever size stump you’re grinding in literally a third of the time, if not faster.”
  4. A tricked-out chip truck. This is what your customers will see when you’re rolling in and out of the jobsite. We’ve heard from contractors all across the country that the best advertising a company can do is to have a professional-looking fleet. After all, looks matter in the tree care industry.


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