Episode #2 of The Vermeer Podcast is live - Vermeer Tree Views - Vermeer Tree Views
Episode #2 of The Vermeer Podcast is live

Episode #2 of The Vermeer Podcast is live

Those born in 1996 to today are currently known as Gen Z, and while they might sound too young to affect businesses much, this group is starting to make waves everywhere. In fact, you’re probably employing some of them already.

In the second episode of The Vermeer Podcast Jason Dorsey, president of the Center for Generational Kinetics, takes us through the defining moments that have shaped Gen Z and how their past, present and future will influence how we recruit, engage and build trust with them.

The Vermeer Podcast – Episode #2: Gen Z in Charge — Are You Ready?

This week’s episode is only 10 minutes in length and packed with interesting insights. Listen now: vermeer.com/podcasts

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