Episode #1 of The Vermeer Podcast has arrived - Vermeer Tree Views - Vermeer Tree Views
Episode #1 of The Vermeer Podcast has arrived

Episode #1 of The Vermeer Podcast has arrived

Searching for honest business advice? Taking the time to learn new business strategies can make or break where your tree care business stands today and where it can go in the future and Vermeer wants to help.

We created The Vermeer Podcast, to provide insights for your business. Each episode will be less than 20 minutes and will explore a new topic — such as:

  • Understanding different generations in the workplace
  • Communication tips
  • Retention/recruitment practices
  • Leadership skills
  • Uplifting strategies
  • And more

In the first episode of The Vermeer Podcast, Jason Dorsey, president of the Center for Generational Kinetics, takes us through the basics of understanding how to define a generation and how this affects business communications.

With all of the differences in the values, beliefs and opinions between different age groups, experts suggest businesses be more cognizant and accommodating. Especially in settings where multiple generations work together – which might include your business.

Do you feel confident in your knowledge of generational differences and their importance? There is a lot to know!

The Vermeer Podcast – Episode #1: Defining a “Generation”

Listen now: vermeer.com/podcasts

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