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About Us


Pride. Passion. Precision. The hard-working dedication that fuels the tree care industry is clear. Every day, you – as tree care professionals – reach for new heights and propel the future of tree care forward with unyielding dedication and innovation.

We’re right there with you. For decades, Vermeer has approached tree care equipment with one thing in mind – providing years of rugged and dependable service in the backyard or the backwoods. Today, Vermeer continues to explore, innovate, and work toward creating better and more powerful tree care equipment for you to get the job done.

Though we bleed Vermeer yellow and love the shine of a brand new brush chipper, we know that tree care equipment is only one piece of the puzzle in building successful, safe and growing company operations. Although good equipment is the foundation – industry resources, trends and recommendations also play a part in your job as a tree care expert.

Tree Views is a fresh approach to our tree care newsletter designed to provide you with in-depth and relevant information about the tree care industry. Whether it’s content on building your team and your business, information on emissions regulations, or job stories and recommendations for building your fleet of stump cutters and wood grinders, you’ll find it here.

We’ve partnered with leading tree care organizations like ArborMaster, International Society of Arborists, North American Training Solutions, SherrillTree and the Tree Care Industry Association to bring you information that is designed to help you grow your business. In addition to live, up-to-date industry news, Tree Views also features YouTube video clips that provide additional information on key industry topics – allowing you to delve deeper into an issue from your perspective.

We encourage you to bookmark the blog, visit often, and share with fellow tree care professionals as together, we work to provide the latest in tree care news and resources.

Out On a Limb…

Although we have lots to share, we want to hear from you! Feel free to comment on blog posts and share helpful insights or questions related to skills learned with your stump cutter and brush chipper or your experiences as a tree care professional.

Let us know what you’d like to see in Tree Views by sharing ideas for future posts to help out other tree care enthusiasts in the comment section of any post.

One of the most important parts of the work you do is safety. Follow the recommended operating practices in the operator’s manual provided with the product and read and follow the safety signs on the product. Be sure that you and your crew wear the personal protective equipment (PPE), such as hard hats, safety glasses, hearing protection and safety boots. The recommended PPE is specified in the product’s operator’s manual.

In addition, watch the operations & safety videos or read the rental center guides provided with the Vermeer product and also in the customer support section of Vermeer.com. If you would like to request free replacement product manuals and/or video DVDs, please submit a request on Vermeer.com.

Another resource for safety operating practices is the Tree Care Industry Association training center. Check it out at: http://tcia.org/training.