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7 ways a compact utility loader boosts jobsite productivity

7 ways a compact utility loader boosts jobsite productivity

Compact utility loaders are becoming more popular on tree care service jobsites. A compact utility loader — or mini skid steer — can pull its weight on many projects and might just be the competitive advantage your company is looking for. Here are seven ways adding a compact utility loader to your equipment lineup can help enhance productivity and control costs.

1. Heavy Lifting

Possibly the biggest benefit of a compact utility loader is being able to haul large material from point A to point B. This piece of equipment can haul bigger, heavier tree limbs, branches or logs than two crew members could. This can also lead to decreased chainsaw work, which allows crews to focus on other work at the jobsite.

2. Speed

With a compact utility loader, one crew member can move larger volumes of material in fewer trips more quickly — freeing up employees for other tasks.

 3. Jobsite Accessibility

Most compact utility loaders can access tight spaces and some fit through a 36-inch (91.5 cm) gate. This means your crew isn’t manually hauling material long distances — saving time.

4. Employee Productivity

Performing less manual work — lifting, carrying, cutting — should help tree care business employees do more in a day, which all can lead to labor-savings. A less fatigued crew can mean a more productive crew.

5. Labor Costs

The largest expenditure for tree care professionals is usually labor. The additional productivity achieved with a compact utility loader can help fill the void of skilled labor. Purchasing and maintaining a utility compact loader may be comparable to wages and benefits for one employee for one year in some tree care businesses.

6. Versatility

There are numerous attachments compatible with compact utility loaders to make them versatile machines. A bucket is the most common attachment for carrying large material. There is also a grapple attachment for carrying brush. Grapples come in various styles so you can select one that best meets your needs. If your company also plants trees, you may want to consider a large auger attachment.

7. New Services

A compact utility loader could also help your company provide new services. With the help of additional attachments, you could turn a compact utility loader into a trencher, small snow plow, sweeper and more. A new service may have a lower startup cost if you already own a compact utility loader.



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