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Tree Care Wear- How to Find Clothing that Works as Hard as you Do

Tree Care Wear- How to Find Clothing that Works as Hard as you Do

In all of our years in the tree care industry, we’ve learned arborists like yourself care a lot about the clothes you wear on the job. When it comes to tree care work, we understand it is more than just looking for clothes to be comfortable in. You need something that will protect you from the elements and keep up with the hustle and bustle of the job. We sat down with Bill Weber, Team Captain of Arborwear, to talk about how tree care apparel has evolved through the years.

Founded by Paul Taylor in 1997, Arborwear was established by arborists just like yourself. Thanks to the help of Arborwear, stiff canvas pants are a thing of the past. “I used to lay my clothes in the driveway to break them in, when I was a tree climber. They were tough canvas wear, but you couldn’t move in them. The idea was to cross free-moving rock-climbing clothing with tough and sturdy canvas workwear,” says Weber. Hello comfort, affordability and durability!

Since then, Arborwear has evolved just as the arborist has evolved. Weber tells us, “We used to climb on manila ropes using a taut line hitch. Now, we climb with more high-tech gear than I can list. Similarly, we used to all wear jeans or canvas work clothes. Now, we make synthetic pants with Kevlar reinforced knees.”

But Bill Weber, along with the rest of the Arborwear team, knows that their clothing can be used by more than just the tree care professional. It could be fit for anyone that is tough on their clothes and appreciates good quality gear. “We get all kinds of outdoor professionals, arborists, utility workers, landscapers, construction folks, as well as, the weekend warrior types – the guys that like to cut their own grass and split their own firewood,” Weber explains.

To meet the growing demand, there are now over 300 Arborwear dealers nationwide as well as an online store that ships all over the world. The flagship retail store is located in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, and when customers come into the store, employees are prompted to ask three main questions:

  1. What kind of work are you doing?
  2. What kind of weather are you working in?
  3. Are you more of a meat and potatoes guy or a technical and synthetic guy?

These usually help narrow down what they are looking for. Conversely, Weber tells us the main concerns customers are looking for are longevity and the ability to move freely on the job. So tell us, what is your favorite piece of clothing when you’re on the job?



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