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From stump chump to champ: 6 reasons to love stump cutters

From stump chump to champ: 6 reasons to love stump cutters

The “Back to the Future” trilogy showcases a number of unworldly innovations — the obvious front-runner being the time-traveling DeLorean. Following close behind, in terms of awe-inspiring coolness, are the self-tying Nikes Marty McFly wears in “Back to the Future II” and the self-propelling hoverboard he rides a few scenes later while fleeing from Griff and his gang of futuristic meatheads.

Now, thanks to Nike, self-lacing shoes have become a reality — and for only $720 a pair! (We promise not to judge any of you who just reached for your wallets.) Meanwhile, engineers have yet to develop a hoverboard that is intuitive and practical, though it seems major strides have been made in this area.

Stump removal was once a backbreaking, time-consuming job that a tree man wouldn’t delegate to his worst enemy. That all changed in the 1950s when Vermeer invented the stump grinder. Today, stumps are simply swept away, one pass after another. And yet, some crews still operate without one.

Matt Hutchinson, Vermeer Product Manager for Tree Care/Rental and Landscape, offers six compelling reasons to add a stump cutter to your fleet of tree care equipment:

  1. Allows you to be a full service tree care provider.
    The addition of a stump cutter can increase your offering to a more complete slate of tree care services. Why miss out on a potential job because you don’t have the capacity to remove a few stumps?
  2. Additional source of revenue could improve your bottom line.
    Diversify your tree care business and offer dedicated stump removal services as a potential additional income opportunity.
  3. Added flexibility for your operation.
    Owning a stump cutter means you will likely no longer be dependent on rental machine availability or sub-contractors to complete the job.
  4. Ability to schedule work in a more efficient manner.
    Plan your work by utilizing your stump cutter and other equipment efficiently to minimize trips to the jobsites.
  5. Get work done to your company’s quality standards.
    You are in control of the entire process and can dictate how well a site is remediated to help maintain your professional image.
  6. Ability to control costs.
    Owning your own machine means you know the actual operating costs and production rates, which allows you to be more accurate and competitive when bidding jobs.


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  1. TreesLogan says:

    Stump Grinders are a must. Not many people want an unsightly stump left in their yard after a tree is removed.