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  • Financing Vermeer Equipment

    Financing Vermeer Equipment

    For many small-business owners, securing financing is one of the most intimidating parts of owning a business. It’s also one of the most important. For a tree care contractor, financing can be essential to getting the equipment you need to do your job day in and day out. That is why for years, Vermeer has […]

  • Arboriculture through the ages (1900s-1960s)

    Arboriculture through the ages (1900s-1960s)

    Arborists have an established culture in today’s society, but it didn’t happen overnight — it took over 100 years to get where we are today. Early American settlers discovered a land with forest wealth beyond description. From the white pines in Maine to the giant redwoods in California, by the end of the 19th century, […]

  • Using video in social media — tips for your tree care business
  • Why is marketing important? Just ask this guy.

    Why is marketing important? Just ask this guy.

    Peter Sortwell, the founder of Arborwell Professional Tree Management based in Hayward, California, took a huge risk in refinancing his house to start a tree care business. Failing was not an option. After months of research and preparation, Sortwell created a business plan “bible” to keep his goals on track. One of the biggest focuses […]

  • Vermeer Brush Chipper Evolution

    Vermeer Brush Chipper Evolution

    Almost 70 years have passed since our company, carrying the name of our founder, Gary Vermeer, was established – but more than the Vermeer name stands the test of time. The second and third generations of the Vermeer family are now carrying the legacy of innovation, continuous improvement and the ultimate goal to equip our […]

  • From stump chump to champ: 6 reasons to love stump cutters

    From stump chump to champ: 6 reasons to love stump cutters

    The “Back to the Future” trilogy showcases a number of unworldly innovations — the obvious front-runner being the time-traveling DeLorean. Following close behind, in terms of awe-inspiring coolness, are the self-tying Nikes Marty McFly wears in “Back to the Future II” and the self-propelling hoverboard he rides a few scenes later while fleeing from Griff […]

  • Preseason maintenance tips for your tree care equipment

    Preseason maintenance tips for your tree care equipment

    “People who write about spring training not being necessary have never tried to throw a baseball.” These sage words come from baseball Hall of Famer and pitching legend Sandy Koufax—or the Left Arm of God as Sports Illustrated once called him. The man obviously knows a thing or two about throwing a baseball and understands […]

  • Veterans of tree care

    Veterans of tree care

    The more trees change, the more they stay the same  Tree Views explores the evolution of the tree care industry in America. Trees began to populate Earth 385 million years ago, some 155 million years before the first dinosaurs began auditioning for roles in Jurassic Park. Today, the oldest surviving trees are several thousand years […]

  • The art of closing the deal

    The art of closing the deal

    “A-B-C. A—always. B—be. C—closing. Always be closing. Always. Be. Closing… You close, or you hit the bricks.” This infamous quote likely needs no attribution. From Alec Baldwin’s fiery speech on salesmanship in the acclaimed film Glengarry Glen Ross, few movie lines have been quoted more frequently throughout the years. It’s gospel to salespeople everywhere. Even […]

  • Starting your own tree service? A good business plan will give you focus