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2015 Industry Trends

2015 Industry Trends

Trends provide opportunities for differentiation in the tree care and green industry 

Do you know how to differentiate a trend from a fad? A macro trend from a micro trend? In this podcast Judith Guido explains how to distinguish trends from a fad and how micro trends in technology, like mobile apps and drones, can help contractors differentiate themselves from the competition. That differentiation can, in turn, help drive your company’s brand awareness, build a positive reputation, generate publicity and increase productivity.

Tell us: based on Judith’s advice, what will you do to differentiate your company from the competition?

UntitledJudith Guido is chairwoman and founder of Guido & Associates. She has worked in the green industry for more than 25 years, and specializes in developing strategy, branding, sales, marketing, research, product development and mergers and acquisitions. Approximately every other month, Guido will join us in talking about business-related issues she identities as important in generating growth, creating differentiation, building a world-class team and creating a sustainable competitive advantage in the green industry.

Advice or suggestions provided by Ms. Guido are statements of general applicability that may or may not apply to businesses, whose circumstances and operations may vary. The opinions of Ms. Guido do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Vermeer Corporation, its dealers or its affiliates.

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