Growth By Making Customer Service Top Priority
Mar 26, 2015 | All Articles, Building Your Business, From Those Who Know

Growth By Making Customer Service Top Priority

  • Climbing To New Heights — Tree Care Goes High Tech
  • Tech Tuesday: TreeBook App

    Tech Tuesday: TreeBook App

    TreeBook for iPhone Cost: FREE! If you actually need to identify an unknown tree in the field, nothing beats a dichotomous key. If you’ve ever used the one from Virginia Tech’s Department of Forestry, you know it is a simple but accurate key for figuring out the tree in question. The TreeBook iPhone app is pretty much […]

  • 2015 Industry Trends

    2015 Industry Trends

    Trends provide opportunities for differentiation in the tree care and green industry  Do you know how to differentiate a trend from a fad? A macro trend from a micro trend? In this podcast Judith Guido explains how to distinguish trends from a fad and how micro trends in technology, like mobile apps and drones, can […]

  • Series: Effective Tools For Managing Tree-Care Equipment Fleets

    Series: Effective Tools For Managing Tree-Care Equipment Fleets

    Part 2 – Coordinated crews and strict service schedules add efficiency to managing equipment fleets. Having the right equipment and using it appropriately are two major components of effectively managing an equipment fleet, but people and parts also play an important role. The Role of Staff According to Jonathan McNeil, director of operations for Arborguard, based […]

  • Tech Tuesday — Apps for Arborists

    Tech Tuesday — Apps for Arborists

    Tree ID Apps You, tree care professional, are of course so good at tree identification that you would never need to carry an ID guide along with you, right? Well, sure, you can peg a buckeye from a horse chestnut tree at 100 meters in the fog at night, but let’s say for example, your […]

  • Building an Emergency Plan

    Building an Emergency Plan

    Provided courtesy of North American Training Solutions Modern tree care is a hazardous business. A hazardous job we can make dangerous by not wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) and following basic safety protocol. At the core of safety protocol lies planning for the unexpected and making sure the whole crew possess a thorough knowledge of […]

  • Common Areas of Stump Cutter Neglect

    Common Areas of Stump Cutter Neglect

    Tips on how contractors can keep workhorse units in top condition Stump removal is no longer the back-breaking, time-consuming chore it used to be. With the right stump cutter, virtually any type of hardwood tree stump is easily swept away, one pass after another. Follow these simple tips for keeping this workhorse on the job. Avoid […]

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